21/09: Bombings, drug dealing, and nothing at all about David Cameron and *that* pig

Here’s the second bunch of these. This week, I bring you a terrifying conspiracy involving Vladimir Putin, the effect of the internet on the drug trade and that bloke who played War Machine in the first Iron Man film.

Click the titles to read the full articles

None Dare Call It a Conspiracy

This story examines a series of apartment bombings that took place in Russia beginning in 1999, the decisive response to which did serious favours for Vladimir Putin’s public support (remember what your facebook feed looked like after the London riots? Scared people love a bit of conspicuous strength).  I won’t give anything away, but needless to say people investigating the bombings had a habit of meeting sticky ends. Most notable of these was Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London of radiation poisoning in 2006.

“In the hours just before the Guryanova Street bombing, the FSB had released a composite sketch of a suspect based on information provided by a building manager. But soon after and with no explanation, that sketch had been withdrawn and replaced with that of a completely different man.”

The safe, user-friendly way to be a little drug lord: economic secrets of the dark web

People who are trendier than me will probably know an awful lot more about the logistics of buying drugs online, but this is an interesting article anyway. QZ.com is home to some of the best business journalism on the internet right now (after the FT, of course) and if you’re curious about how Breaking Bad-style operations work in real life, this is a good place to start.

“A drop address needs to be created, cultivated even. A quick run through on how I pick some of my drops:


  • I pick a house with no one living in it (but not bank owned)

  • Make it look lived in, including mow the lawn, weed the garden, maybe throw a kids toy out there.

  • Stop by every day or two for at least a week, preferably two or three. You want the neighbors to have a vague notion of someone living there without being able to pick out your face.

  • Get the mail man used to mail coming here, send junk mail to this address (This is where you pick the delivery name) cheap packages, whatever. Be mindful that Amazon mails through UPS and the USPS man won’t know if you’ve had packages delivered. *I stop by every day and put the mail on the counter inside the house, waiting a few days before opening just to allow LEOs [law-enforcement officers] to jump the gun on me.”

Terrence Howard’s Dangerous Mind

This one surprised me a bit. Terence Howard has always been a bit of a you-know-that-guy-from-that-thing kind of an actor, but as it turns out he’s a bit of a wacky character. Reading the story, it’s not hard to see why he seems a little unhinged (having your dad murder someone in front of you as a child will do that). There’s too much crazy in this story to go into here, so just read it. Also, if you’d like additional Hollywood-related crazy, there’s this about Will Smith’s son and daughter.

“He had a theory. It might seem crazy, it may even be crazy, but a long time ago he’d gotten hold of this notion that one times one doesn’t equal one, but two. He began writing down his logic, in a language of his own devising that he calls Terryology. He wrote forward and backward, with both his right and left hands, sometimes using symbols he made up that look foreign, if not alien, to keep his ideas secret until they could be patented.”

“Terryology”, honestly.

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